Rethinking Client-Side Caching for the Mobile Web

In HotMobile'21

Mobile web browsing remains slow despite many efforts to accelerate page loads. Like others, we find that client-side computation (in particular, JavaScript execution) is a key culprit. Prior solutions to mitigate computation overheads, however, suffer from security, privacy, and deployability issues, hindering their adoption. To sidestep these issues, we propose a browser-based solution in which every client reuses identical computations from its prior page loads. Our analysis across roughly 230 pages reveals that, even on a modern smartphone, such an approach could reduce client-side computation by a median of 49% on pages which are most in need of such optimizations.

Ayush Goel
Ayush Goel
Systems Research Scientist

My research interests include distributed systems, program analysis and (more recently) systems for ML.